Tag: Adelaide Fringe 2012 cabaret reviews

FRINGE – A Doll’s House – Nexus – 1.5K

Other than for a few numbers, I found the rest to be a bit of a dull cat walk and false strip show.

FRINGE – A Kick in the Head and other Seduction Techniques – 4.5K

Through the acts of being bad, adventures in nightclubbing, a strange relationship with a horse and an Italian accent, James McLean is certain to leave you with laughing as well as enjoy his fantastic interpretations of over 10 songs.

FRINGE – Somewhere Between the Worlds – Nexus – 3.5K

If you enjoy a different style of music than most of those offered at the Adelaide Fringe, then Somewhere Between the Worlds is a great show that has its final show on March 10th at the Nexus Cabaret. 3.5K