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Jun 22

CABARET FRINGE PREVIEW – ¡VIDORRA! – Fri 24th & Sat 25th – Nexus

From the joy of an Alegria to the despair of the Solea, the dancers and musicians highlight Flamenco’s ability to express the variety of emotions in life. Proceeds to the Leukaemia Foundation

Mar 05

FRINGE – A Doll’s House – Nexus – 1.5K

Other than for a few numbers, I found the rest to be a bit of a dull cat walk and false strip show.

Jun 26

RAW: Cabaret Fringe – Galonka and Tzigane – Nexus – 4K

Tzigane eased us into the evening with a short yet varied set, prior to the energetic whimsy of the main act for the evening, Galonka. With the later, it was all a lot of fun, with jokey banter amongst the members between, and even during, songs, but there were also beautiful melodies played on violin and clarinet to the soulful backing of guitar, mandolin, contrabass and piano accordion. 4K

Mar 13

FRINGE: Swing To My Lulu – Nexus – 3.5K

There’s a little bit for everyone in this show – from the classic jazz-club feel of the tables, to the switch from soul to blues to old school pop to the fine, fine sounds emanating from the talented musicians on stage, this is one show that can easily be enjoyed by a broader audience than seems. 3.5K

Mar 05

FRINGE: Flamenco Puro – Nexus – 5K

This show is electrifying, it’ll take your breath away and send you on an exotic vacation to the heart of Spain, where the intoxicating rhythm of the feet, hands and gentle serenade of a trio of Spanish guitarists will take you on journey. 5K

Feb 24

FRINGE: Music – Sounds of Syria – Nexus – 4K

He solemnly led the audience through the evenings themes of love, loss, divinity, and the perseverance of the human soul. The Oud is such a gentle and lulling instrument, you become drawn into it’s understated strength, and find yourself being led on a journey of many twists and turns. 4K

Feb 22

FRINGE: Cabaret – Burlesque Upon A Time – Nexus – 3K

But despite all of these flaws, ‘Burlesque Upon a Time’ was really good fun. It’s like an evening out with a good friend – you can’t logically explain what you did that made your night entertaining, or why you enjoyed yourself, but you just did. 3K

Feb 19

FRINGE: Master’s Curious Delirium – Cabaret – Nexus – 2K

A title like Master’s Curious Delirium posed tantalising possibilities especially under the control of Anya Anastasia and her Bird Wizdom crew – the memories of their terrific debut Fringe show last year still fresh. Sadly, this gig did not deliver.

Jan 30

RAW: Stories of Love and Hate Revisited – Roslyn Oades

The Cronulla riots of 2005 pitted Australians of various sorts against each other in a rage that shook our sensibilities about what and who we are. Using Australia Day as a pretext to revisit this issue, Roslyn Oades provided a fascinating show, part lecture, part performance, about her work Stories of Love and Hate using her verbatim theatre technique.