This innovative production combines elements of contemporary dance, spoken word and visual projections to portray a family enduring tough times after surviving Ash Wednesday.

Adelaide choreographer Katrina Lazaroff (pictured below) has put together a truly touching show. This is actually the third installment of Pomona Road, finally uniting a family of five. They are established as warring siblings and loving parents through a varied soundtrack (voiceovers and songs) and choreography that connects with the average person. As the plot unfolds, unresolved tensions seem to rise to the surface, as do questions relating to child abuse and alcoholism.

Katrina Lazaroff

Katrina Lazaroff

Martial arts have also influenced this piece – and are particularly useful when expressing frustration, anger and violence.

Nic Mollison also should be applauded for creating realistic projections of the forest, the bush and the city. The main set piece constructed by Richard Seidel is unexpectedly versatile.

The 60 minute production appeals to more than the typical fan of dance as a genre – this emerging style of ‘documentary dance’ engages anyone with an appreciation for the arts.

Pomona Road is only running until 24th April 2010 at Space Theatre – see it while you still can!

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