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FRINGE 2013 – Bombay to Beijing by Bicycle – Bakehouse Theatre – 4K

By Alana Massalsky “Bombay to Beijing by Bicycle”:  got quite a nice ring to it thinks Russell, could be a punchy title for a travel book.  Too bad Bombay is now called Mumbai, and to write a book about it he’ll have to actually do it. Russell McGilton is our tour guide for the duration …

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FRINGE 2013 – Piano Chicks – The Promethean – 4K

By Alana Massalsky Becky Blake is a piano chick.  A seasoned performer well versed in the ups and downs of making a living in the entertainment industry, but evidently still very much in love with the life.  In Piano Chicks Becky candidly shares personal and professional stories, mingled with songs by famous piano chicks influential …

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FRINGE 2013 – The Big Band Burlesque Show – Nexus Cabaret – 4K

by Alana Massalsky If you’re a woman you’ll lust after the costumes, if you’re a man you’ll just lust.  This is burlesque. Everything you’d expect of the art form was present and correct:  curvaceous confident women, booty and booby shimmying, a good deal of corsets and sequins, tassels and feathers, and choreography designed to tease …

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FRINGE 2013 The Angry Cabbie – The Maid – 3K

by Alana Massalsky When you’ve been working in a job for 16 years there’s likely to be a few things that piss you off about it, regardless of what you do.  If you’ve spent those years working as a cabbie it’s probably a miracle you don’t have occupationally induced anger management issues.  Mark Martin, the …

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