FRINGE 2013 – The Big Band Burlesque Show – Nexus Cabaret – 4K


by Alana Massalsky

If you’re a woman you’ll lust after the costumes, if you’re a man you’ll just lust.  This is burlesque.

Everything you’d expect of the art form was present and correct:  curvaceous confident women, booty and booby shimmying, a good deal of corsets and sequins, tassels and feathers, and choreography designed to tease and titillate.  But more than that, the show was excellent all round entertainment.

Special mention goes to the host Lady Cara, who turned a role that could’ve been merely functional into her own.  She kept the proceedings proceeding, was funny and showed she had a great set of lungs too, contributing her vocals to a couple of the acts.  Live big band Capitol Swing really elevated the show, the musical glue required to bring a cohesive quality to the distinctively different styles of the burlesque beauties.  Led by the very busy Mike Stewart (of the Adelaide Sax Pack), a rewarding synergy was realised between the band and the performers:  everyone was having a ball.

As for the real stars of the show, they all impressed and offered up memorable performances.  Peaches ‘n’ Gin Burlesque co-directors Luna Eclipse and Sapphire Snow proved the eastern states don’t have a monopoly on burlesque talent, whilst the visitors really delivered in terms of stage craft and quality.  These included the classy 2012 Miss Burlesque Australia Briana Bluebell, big-eyed Becky Lou, and Burlesque Entertainer of the Year Miss Strawberry Siren, displaying superior feather fan skills and the importance of a perfectly placed posy.  Vesper White brought a different energy, sliding onto stage in a tuxedo and top hat, playing up the strange attraction of androgyny.  A personal favourite was the saucy narrative-driven routine by Sapphire Snow involving a chair and a metaphor or two.  And watch out for Becky Lou’s second routine involving a fish tank:  sounds bizarre, but it’s a riot.

Kryztoff rating 4k

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