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FRINGE 2018 – THEATRE – The Colour Orange: The Pauline Hanson Musical – Raj House – 4.5K


The current political landscape is dark and divisive. At times like this, when politics becomes a caricature of itself, all we can really do is laugh. The Colour Orange outlines the history of One Nation and the unusual rise, fall, and rise again of Pauline Hanson. Through music played by five-piece band, The Flaming Howards, …

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FRINGE 2018 – MUSIC – Underground Lovers – Garden – 3K

Probably better suited to a pub environment that the Spiegeltent but no doubt fans got their fill. 3K



by Riccardo Barone  The acclaimed flautist Melanie Walters comes back with an outstanding solo performance. The program follows the path to the Olympus; be prepared for a walk between sacred trees, scented hills and Zeus’s reign. Your unique guide: Syrinx, the nymph who ran away from Pan’s love proposal, written by Claude Debussy. Icarus is …

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Mojito! is an entertaining fast-paced cabaret set in Cuba in 1959 on the eve of the Cuban Revolution. Songs from Spain, Cuba and Latin American countries are brought to life by an excellent 7 piece band consisting of trumpet, trombone, drums, congas, piano, bass and classical guitar.  The fabulous vocals are mainly provided by Nancy …

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FRINGE 2018 – Oriental Flair – Eastern Harps Meet Western Strings – Garage International – 4K

So, this show will be on a Saturday when the Adelaide Town Hall itself is not open. Don’t panic as you just need to know that the Garage International is located at the rear of the town hall itself, which can be accessed from Pirie Street.  The performance was held in a smaller venue which …

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Mathew - Gretsch White Falcon

Perched comfortably amidst a cache of beautiful guitars including a unique 10 string Richard Howell featuring 4 extra bass strings Mathew demonstrated his extraordinary musical prowess interspersing the set with clever witticisms and easy banter.


It was a full house on a balmy Adelaide evening in the Tin Shed at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, but one could have heard a pin drop when Cal Williams unassumingly took to the stage and began playing some lovely slide guitar.  After a few minutes he was joined by Kory Horwood plucking and bowing his …

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FRINGE 2018 – Music, Jazz KIND OF BLUE : The Miles Davis Show – GC Club – 4.5K

The timing of the interchanges and the nuances of the performances had me closing my eyes and imagining I was in a smoke filled basement in New York with Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk and Dizzy Gillespie.

OzAsia festival 2017 – SEVER – Elder Hall – 2K

GUAN GONG_preview

By Tom Eckert Sever by David Harris and Zooma is a collaborative project between the two aforementioned and the Shanghai Peking Opera. The central premise is a juxtaposition of the old world in the form of the traditional and narrative historical characters of Peking Opera. Guan Yu (pictured) and Diao Chan, with the modern world. …

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OzAsia 2017 – The End – Keiichiro Shibuya and Hatsune Miku – The Dunstan Playhouse – 4K


By Tom Eckert Hatsune Miku is what is known as a vocaloid, or a vocal android. Essentially a software program made manifest with a three-dimensionally rendered avatar. This software is something that any individual can own and then write lyrics and songs that will then be rendered in the voice of the vocaloid. Initially intended …

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