by Riccardo Barone 


Anya strikes again! A character with a tormented floozy life, eternal wanderer, researcher of that perfect Hollywoodian love with the consciousness and the related consequences of solitude and illusion to find stability in it.

The interaction with the audience is brilliant, sassy, sexy, provocative, clever. This unsatisfied girl is starving for her perfect-ideal love which, due her picky taste and neverending demands, is going to lead her to a lonely daily life. The reality is glamorously and inevitably faced in the song “It takes two to tango”, a cirquey four hands duet with the pianist.

The all female band consists in drums, bass and keyboard players. The flowy music perfectly represents the sparkling dynamic of the story following the character’s timing with audacity and loyalty.

The “star of the party” brilliantly entertains the audience with her multi-skilled abilities: singing, acting, playing the piano and the ukelele.

Can you ask for more?

Rogue Romantic perfectly faces the contemporary lifestyle and mentality regarding our expectations so much bigger than reality.

Kryztoff Rating  4K


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