Two people, brought together by chance, search for ways to keep hope alive.

Through their nightly shadow-puppet play they are able to create stories and worlds over which they have control.  They can make plans, express their fears, laugh, and make it through another night.

Nameless throughout and with their pasts virtually erased by the calamity and alone in a post-apocalyptic world, they are travelling toward the Golden Gate Bridge. The man believes that a community of survivors exists on the other side and that they will find there all they need to start a new life.  The bridge comes to symbolise hope and also the end of hope.

They cling to one another as the last tangible traces of their past lives fade away.

Actor-writers Nick Rinke and Caitlin Docking bring this story wonderfully to life.  With minimal props, clever dialogue, song and excellent shadow work they take the audience with them on their journey.


Presented by Green Eggs and Ham, Canada.

Bakehouse Theatre

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