Fringe 2015 – George Glass Presents: Money Shot! – Channel 9 Kevin Crease Studios – 2k

By Tom Eckert


Money Shot! is an original production by George Glass examining the inherent absurdity of the story of the creation of internet porn.

This company continues to produce insightful musical comedy that cuts to the quick of whatsoever they choose to examine. This is the strength of this production; the writing is solid as were the technical elements.

However, at times the show feels like it is a bit big than the three of them can manage. Some of the changes are clunky and the dialogue can lean a bit towards monotone. I do appreciate the minimalistic style which offsets the extremities of the content nicely, however it can occasionally result in a drop in energy which makes it feel like you’re just watching three guys talk.

Overall a sound production; great script but sometimes limited by performership. I do however expect good things in the future.

Kryztoff Rating: 2k

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