Fringe 2015: Calypso Nights – Tuxedo Cat – Perske Pavilion – 3K

Venezuelan DJ Juan Vesuvius (Barnie Duncan) finds himself discovering that his audience is not Spanish speaking after about 10minutes of dialogue. To his surprise they all speak English. Rewind. He has to start over in his broken English as he educates the audience about Calypso music with lots of comparisons to non Calypso music, just to make sure the difference is recognised. The education does continues on about the use of maracas, into Soca, oral Sex and how music is the secret weapon to world peace or at least with North Korea.

This entertaining one man show, using lot’s of vinyl, breaking world records, talking about music and sex, is delivered by Duncan with a powerhouse of energy. The at times dumb and repetitive yet hilarious sequences at times seems expertly improvised, and manages to draw the crowd in as we learn how music can be used to communicate between the tribes to bring joy in more forms than one.

A hard to classify show that has it’s place at the fringe and being cleverly presented grabs the audience’s full attention.

Kryztoff Rating  3K

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