Fringe 2016: Beep Boop – 4.5K

From the moment you walk into the Producer’s Nook the insanity in Tom Walker’s gaze greets you. A clown in the true meaning of the word, Walker captures his audience the instant they enter and holds them until the very end.

Beep Boop is a very silly one man comedic performance. Relying largely on the humour of his performance, Walker employs the full range of his incredible vocal skits.

The show is a riot, his performance is reminiscent of the early comedy of Jim Carrey; wild, unscripted and outlandish. By halfway through the show the audience was yelling with delight as one act flowed smoothly into the next. The nuances of Tom’s face in each skit are so perfect, he can draw laughs from the audiences with the smallest gesture. Coupled with his ability to make some of the most outrageously silly sounds and a natural timing, the show is a hit.

Beep Boop is a show that needs an audience, there is a high level of interaction between Walker and the crowd and with anything less than an 8 person group the show may struggle to get off the ground. With this in mind I cannot encourage you strongly enough to see this unique, hilarious performance. Go in with an open mind and you’ll come out in stitches.

Beep Boop is foot-stampingly hilarious, a show not to be missed at this year’s fringe.




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