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FRINGE MUSIC – Sound & Silence – The Mill – The Breakout, Adelaide – 4.5K

By Alisha Dyer No amplification, no accompaniment, no frills – just vocal skills! Award-winning contemporary vocal ensemble Voice of Transition presents a 30 minute a Cappella show that will ignite your senses and leave you wanting more! The performance takes place in a small, dark hall, the only light source the warm glow of flameless …

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FRINGE 2017: The Run Down on the Runners Up – Nexus Arts Centre – 4K

by Tom Eckert As much music trivia as performance, Voice of Transition give the modern vocal treatment to some of the best second-best songs of the last thirty years (with a few throw ins from an earlier time.) Tight harmonies and impeccable balance characterise this group’s performance as well as an impressive dynamic range. Each …

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FRINGE 2015 – Rust & Vinyl – Convention Centre – 4K

From the moment that the dulcet tones of Jacob Morris and then the uber voice of Tim Bartel led off there was a noticeable shortening of breath across the large audience in the Convention Centre Hall for it was obvious we were in for something special. 4K