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FRINGE 2015: Art of Tease – Shotz Bar – 2K

Mixed amongst a few talented tantalising burlesque performers who have a grasp on how to work the tease to the music, with some stunning costumes and gorgeous, tattoo covered, wiggling bodies is a very disruptive MC and some performers who seem to have forgotten both the art and tease of the theme completely. The ever …

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FRINGE 2015: The Princess and the Glass Piano – Channel 9 Studios: The Chapel of Love – 3.5K

A princess appears and makes the unusual statement that inside her small frame, there is a glass piano. How it got there, she’s not exactly sure, but it has been there for a while and appears to be permanent. Aside from this minor affliction, she seems a bright, intelligent and sensible girl; though perhaps she …

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Fringe 2015 – VIRADA – TAP. ACROBATICS. PERCUSSION – The Garden of Unearthly Delights – The Factory – 4K

By Tom Eckert Virada first and foremost is a feel good show. The gently wafting smoke struck through with lights in moody blues and reds combine to create an atmosphere of anticipation primed by the gentle folk blues playing in the background. From the first drum beat there is a rhythmic pulse that runs through …

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FRINGE 2015 – Illuminate – Gluttony – 2.5K

I was somewhat underwhelmed. 2.5K

FRINGE 2015: Fin – A Feast of Fools – Royal Croquet Club: The Black Box – 3K

A strange group of characters come together on the high seas: haunting shanties are sung by a three legged girl; the crew are agile acrobats; a mermaid appears and turns out to be quite adept with a hula-hoop; and a bewildering creature, who seems to be some sort of sentient buoy and is obsessed with …

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FRINGE 2015: Late Night Story – Ayers House Museum: State Dining Room – 4K

There’s something peculiarly appealing about a horror story that takes place in your own city. Writer Van Badham has crafted an intriguing and creepy tale, delivered in a classical gothic mystery style but set in Adelaide in the mid-19th century. There are the archetypal elements of such a story: a young seemingly innocent protagonist, an …

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FRINGE 2015 – White Rabbit Red Rabbit – Royal Croquet Club: The Rastelli – 3.5K

White Rabbit Red Rabbit is a fascinating concept. Written in 2010 by Iranian author Nassim Soleimanpour, the script is given to an actor on stage and they are then expected to cold read it to the audience.  The actor has as little idea of what to expect as the audience and it is up to …

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Fringe 2015 – Hex – The Royal Croquet Club- Black Box – 3K

By Tom Eckert Hex is an abstract dance piece directed and choreographed by James Welsby and performed by himself, James Andrews and Chafia Brooks. It is an emotive expression of the effect of AIDS in both reality and concept on the gay community. This expression is accomplished very adeptly by the three incredibly athletic dancers. …

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FRINGE 2015: Psych! – Gluttony – The Peacock – 4K

Mentalist & Mind reader Phoenix uses his showmanship to keep the audience amazed until they leave wondering, “How did he know that?” For those who wonder what a mentalist show is compared to a magic show, where the question left in the audiences mind is “How did he do that?” Which is every good showman’s …

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FRINGE 2015: Axis of Awesome – Garden of Unearthly Delights: Aurora Spiegeltent – 4K

The Axis of Awesome haven’t been seen in Adelaide for several years, but they make a welcome return in the Garden of Unearthly Delights this Fringe. Their shtick remains the same – with Benny’s height still the butt of many of the jokes – but they manage to keep it feeling fresh, so why change …

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