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RAW: SANFL – The Gravy Trains That Keeps Chugging Along

When one looks at the SANFL cash flow statement over the past five years, the net cash generated from its operations has declined from $6.26m to -$0.618m, a turnaround of $6.8m. With further declines in crowds and events, one can only imagine this year’s results will be yet worse. So what has the SANFL done about it? Complain mostly it seems.

RAW: Maybe Someone Should Tell The Crows’ Board It’s Time To Leave As Well

So, the Crows board kept on with a coach who had many obvious deficiencies in times when revenue and attendances were already falling, the brand was burning and player costs were only going up and now they have debts with terms they may not be able to meet.

RAW: Adelaide Oval – Casino To Pull Out – The Age Reports

Ashley Porter has posted an article on The Age website this morning announcing that the Skycity Board will not proceed with the planned redevelopment here, extedning the building to the Torrens and building the footbridge.

RAW: How The SANFL Is Also Being Stitched Up By The Adelaide Oval Deal

That now near infamous telephone call placed by AFL Chief Andrew Demetriou with SACA President, Ian McLachlan, in August 2007 may well go down as the most pivotal moment in this State’s sport.