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RAW: Socceroos Crowd Farce

What counts is the fiction we were told about how everyone was going and the motives behind it being to once again try to justify this fiscal madness that Adelaide Oval needs to have its capacity lifted from 38,000 to 50,000 for a cost to taxpayers of $535m+.

RAW: As Port Teeters, So Does Adelaide Oval. Here’s Why.

But with the returns from Adelaide Oval to the SANFL greatly reduced as a part of the ‘new deal’ that saves Port will they wish to be a part of it all? It took a lot of money and cajoling to get them as far as they did at the start of this month. Now that it is about to blow up in their faces, will they wish to back out and plough on with the Crows only at Football Park?

RAW: How The SANFL Is Also Being Stitched Up By The Adelaide Oval Deal

That now near infamous telephone call placed by AFL Chief Andrew Demetriou with SACA President, Ian McLachlan, in August 2007 may well go down as the most pivotal moment in this State’s sport.

RAW: Adelaide Oval – One Week On – Part 1

One week on from the surprise 80% SACA members’ vote what has changed? Well quite a bit actually. First thing is this surprise vote. Questions linger over how such a vote was obtained given the historic difficulties in getting anywhere near a 75% majority for any proposition where there is a bona fide ‘No’ case. …

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RAW: Members Being Ripped Off – Ex SACA CEO

Andrew Faulkner in this morning’s The Australian reports that former SACA ECO, Mike Deare, says that SACA members are being ‘ripped off’ by the proposed deal with the SMA, the SANFL and the State Government.

RAW: About The SMA. Did You Know …?

Kryztoff is grateful to a reader who asked a number of questions about Adelaide Oval SMA Limited (“SMA”) and its decision making. A review of the SMA’s constitution (See the full SMA Constitution here) now gives us the opportunity to fill all in on the details.

RAW: SA Government Prepares To Blast City Council Off Adelaide Oval Parklands

The SACA Information Book reveals for the first time how the SA Government will deliver control of the Adelaide Oval precinct and car parking revenues to the SANFL in the face of Adelaide City Council resistance. It is going to legislate the ACC away from his historic role as guardians of the parklands under the Parklands Act.

RAW: Public Money For Private Stadiums = Disaster

When looking at the Adelaide Oval debate, the US experience of the past 20 years is instructive and this has been reviewed by two sociologists, in their book Public Dollars, Private Stadiums, a scenario that matches that proposed for Adelaide Oval today.

RAW: Adelaide Oval – The Stench Just Gets Worse

The conduct of the board and management of both the SA Cricket Association and the Stadium Management Authority is coming under increasing scrutiny in the wake of their actions this week. As covered by Richard Earle in this morning’s Advertiser, the SMA have chosen this week to redirect traffic from a website called saveadelaideoval.com.au to …

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RAW: Adelaide Oval – Real Estate Realities and Remedies

Increasingly SACA members are asking how is it that this $85m is only value being received by members for their interest in the Adelaide Oval. For starters, $115m has just been spent on the new western grandstand, so for that alone you would think that would be the starting point for a value.