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What has brought this to a head of course is the failure of the SMA’s marketing campaign to sell its Ultimate and corporate packages. The problem this whole thing has and which even Premier Rann recognised back in 2009 is that there is no agreement on anything much between any of the parties.

RAW: Maybe Someone Should Tell The Crows’ Board It’s Time To Leave As Well

So, the Crows board kept on with a coach who had many obvious deficiencies in times when revenue and attendances were already falling, the brand was burning and player costs were only going up and now they have debts with terms they may not be able to meet.

RAW: As Port Teeters, So Does Adelaide Oval. Here’s Why.

But with the returns from Adelaide Oval to the SANFL greatly reduced as a part of the ‘new deal’ that saves Port will they wish to be a part of it all? It took a lot of money and cajoling to get them as far as they did at the start of this month. Now that it is about to blow up in their faces, will they wish to back out and plough on with the Crows only at Football Park?

RAW: How The SANFL Is Also Being Stitched Up By The Adelaide Oval Deal

That now near infamous telephone call placed by AFL Chief Andrew Demetriou with SACA President, Ian McLachlan, in August 2007 may well go down as the most pivotal moment in this State’s sport.

RAW: Adelaide Oval Vote – What The Polls Say

The Sunday Mail this morning cites ‘sources’ saying ‘up to 60%’ of those who have voted by way of proxy support the redevelopment. This is nowhere near the 75% required and little prospect can be held out that the members’ meeting tomorrow night will bridge the gap; more likely it will send the final result further the other way.

RAW: Did we hear you right, Mr McLachlan?

The SACA had valuations back in 2009? Well that is news Mr McLachlan and it is now incumbant upon you to produce those valuations so members and the tax paying public can scrutinise them. And that needs to happen now.

RAW: Adelaide Oval and The SMA – A Case Study To Worry About

The proponents of the Adelaide Oval redevelopment, which includes just about every major organisation in town forever push this line about this project being ‘world class’, ‘a game changer’ and the like for this town. Well, consideration of a similar dream in the West may give all cause for thought.

RAW: Adelaide Oval No Case Reaches Country – see Video clip

Video clip of ad running on country TV and another Graham Cornes article from last year.

RAW: About The SMA. Did You Know …?

Kryztoff is grateful to a reader who asked a number of questions about Adelaide Oval SMA Limited (“SMA”) and its decision making. A review of the SMA’s constitution (See the full SMA Constitution here) now gives us the opportunity to fill all in on the details.

RAW: Adelaide Oval – The Stench Just Gets Worse

The conduct of the board and management of both the SA Cricket Association and the Stadium Management Authority is coming under increasing scrutiny in the wake of their actions this week. As covered by Richard Earle in this morning’s Advertiser, the SMA have chosen this week to redirect traffic from a website called saveadelaideoval.com.au to …

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