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CABARET: Vandemonian Lags – Festival Theatre – 4.5K

An impressive group of Australian performers has been gathered by writer and songwriter, Mick Thomas, to tell the story of the Vandemonian Lags – the almost seventy thousand men and women transported to Tasmania to serve out sentences for convictions ranging from minor theft through to murder. In this incarnation of the show, we heard …

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FRINGE – The Bunker Trilogy: Macbeth – The Bunker – 4K

Unlike the other two offerings in The Bunker Trilogy, Morgana and Agamemnon, Macbeth is not a modern rewriting of the story – the original Shakespearian text is used, the language retained. It is however presented in a contemporary manner with the action once again shifted to World War I. While this is an interesting backdrop …

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FRINGE 2013: Comedy – Lords of Luxury – Tuxedo Cat – 3K

The Lords of Luxury (Dan Debuf, Luke Ryan, Matt Saraceni and Paul Verhoeven) have made a bit of a name for themselves via their comedy podcasts. They bring their particular brand of humour to the Tuxedo Cat this Fringe. There’s not a lot to this show: four friends on a mostly blank stage, a few …

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FRINGE 2013: Theatre – I Am My Own Wife – Bakehouse Theatre – 4K

With the prejudiced and homophobic views of both the Nazi and Communist regimes in Germany in the 20th century, the fact that transvestite Charlotte von Mahlsdorf (born Lothar Berfelde in 1928) not only survived but apparently managed to flourish, seems remarkable. I Am My Own Wife follows American playwright Doug Wright as he travels to …

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FRINGE: Jane Austen is Dead – Theatre – The Bakehouse – 4K

There were lots of gleeful giggles of recognition and several audience members nodded at various segments – presumably seeing either themselves or their friends being represented on stage. Jane Austen is Dead is an amusing evening of light entertainment, presented by a talented performer. 4K

FRINGE: Awake – Theatre – Queen’s Theatre – 3.5K

This was an enjoyable, emotionally engaging, quality piece of theatre, focusing on an interesting topic.
The scripts capture the journey that is inescapable when a member of your family is diagnosed with such an illness; the grief, the humour, the fatigue, and the helplessness. 3.5K