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Mar 22



by Riccardo Barone Sarcastically, cold as a perforating iced dart, she stands and listens. She listens to him, which has very much to say. To confess. A confession that has to emerge up to the surface, soon or later. A truthful truth, being denied and hidden behind “eroic gesta“, behind the fake wheel of world …

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Mar 08

FRINGE 2017: THEATRE – A Regular Little Houdini – Bakehouse Theatre – 4.5K

One of the quintessential Adelaide Fringe theatre experiences has got to be an engaging story, told by an engaging solo writer-performer, on an almost bare black stage. It’s a genre that allows the performer’s craft to shine through; their words to create the settings, and their portrayal to form multiple believable characters through small nuances …

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Feb 01


Need your Fringe unpacked – well here is Kryztoff’s guide to this year’s Fringe Theatre program. Check it out and coming soon, how to win free tickets to Fringe shows with Kryztoff

Feb 21

FRINGE – Theatre – Shylock – Centre for International Theatre, Royalty Theatre – 4.5K

What makes this piece work so well is the seamless intertwining of an informative history lesson – relating to both the background of the play and the persecution of the Jewish people throughout Europe over the last 2000 years – an intellectual exploration of the Shakespearean text and a comedic psychological portrait of the actor, desperate to prove the importance of his role. 4.5K

Feb 19

FRINGE – Theatre – Adolf – Royalty – 4.5K

As good as any theatre there is at this year’s Fringe or indeed anywhere. 4.5K

Feb 15

FRINGE – Interview with CIT’s Guy Masterson

We have extended our comp for a Night At The Theatre also posted our interview with CIT’s Guy Masterson. Check the post for details.

Feb 10

RAW: Win A Night At The Theatre Competition With CIT & Higher Ground

Kryztoff in association with Guy Masterson’s CIT (Centre for International Theatre) and Higher Ground are offering Kryztoff blog subscribers a unique evening at the Theatre on Sunday 20th February during the Fringe. See up to 3 CIT shows in a night to remember.