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The Laramie Project – Ten Years Later – Higher Ground – 4.5K

We talk a lot of what good things there are in our local theatre but struggle to sometimes locate it. This, ladies and gentlemen, is it – our best on and off stage performers of the next generation are all here at Higher Ground til Oct 14th. Don’t say you weren’t told – 4.5K


Tagged as “one of the worlds most successful, gifted and inspirational guitar players” is coming to Australia for a series of concert events in April 2012. Jon is an acoustic singer-songwriter with an incredible virtuoso guitar style, where he uses one acoustic guitar to create drum sounds, bass lines and sparkling melodies all at the same time.

FRINGE – The Ballad of the Unbeatable Hearts – CIT – Higher Ground – 4.5K

Whilst this revewer generally eschews the use of the word ‘important’ when attached to theatre or movies, the Ballad of the Unbeatable Hearts is one exception worth making. 4.5K

FRINGE – Ladies In Waiting – Higher Ground – 4.5K

This piece is definitely a hit, with anyone who has a mother, sister, friend or lover able to very much relate to many of these thoughts that run through these ladies’ minds. 4.5K

FRINGE: The Half – Theatre – Higher Ground – 4K

It is a fine balance to create a character that is necessarily a little over the top, but realistic enough to be hilarious, however Guy Masterson manages to do so. Thespians and theatre novices alike will find a lot to enjoy in The Half. 4K

FRINGE: Spitfire Solo – Higher Ground – 4K

Spitfire Solo is presented by Guy Materson’s Centre for International Theatre is presenting at Higher Ground until the 18th March. Written and performed by the very talented Nicholas Collett, Spitfire Solo takes us on a journey through the life of Peter Walker, from his early child hood’s unforgettable first flight in Dad’s friend’s Tigermoth, his …

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RAW: Charles Sanders In Profile

Adelaide audiences with a keenness to support developing star talent ought to find the time to get behind Sanders’ Early Worx productions before this talent too moves on to greener pastures.

RAW: Cabaret Fringe – A Doll’s House – Higher Ground – 3.5K

This was a wonderful opportunity to see some of the country’s leading burlesque artistes do their thing and had it had the audience it deserved, the extra energy may have helped it to live up to its potential. 3.5K