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by Riccardo Barone  A black mysterious envelop has been given out of the premise to the entering audience. “Don’t open” it says. Let’s wait and see. Are you thinking to sit there, yes, just down there in the first row? No, you can’t. The helper is telling you to fill in the gaps of the …

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FRINGE 2016: The Naked Magicians – 4.5K


By Anthony Nguyen Being on the fringe circuit for several years now, Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler return as The Naked Magicians at the 2016 Adelaide Fringe this year. Highly energetic and enthusiastic performers, Wayne and Tyler serve as great comedic hosts for a fun night out with lots of raunchy magic and bare nakedness. …

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The Illusionists 2.0 – Her Majesty’s Theatre – 4K

The Illusionists 2.0

The Illusionists 2.0, the sequel to last years original show which had outstanding worldwide success, enjoyed it’s world premiere at Adelaide’s Her Majesty’s Theatre Friday December 27th.  A brand new production with 7 new magical entertainers tries to marry the age old mystical art of magic with the technology of today . The Master Magician …

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FRINGE Again Amazed – The Cavern Club – 4K

Nicholas Tweedy is back for the Adelaide Fringe presenting some of his amazing acts using his clever skills some of which he says took him over 12 years to learn. Combining slight of hands magic with clever, outright remarkable mentalism ,  and a dash of humour he thoroughly astonishes the audience into amazement again and …

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