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FRINGE MUSIC – Louise & Sally on Tin Pan Alley – Queen’s Theatre – Kryztoff 5K

Transcendent, spine-tingling vocals. Exultant classical and improv piano virtuosity. A rhapsody painted in the colours and language of the soul. Kryztoff 5K

FRINGE CABARET – Anya Anastasia: The Executioners – Queen’s Theatre – 4.5K

“Anya Anastasia: The Executioners” is cabaret at its best. A tongue in cheek dissection of all things current affairs. Fresh, energetic, invigorating. Kryztoff 4.5K

FRINGE 2016: THEATRE – What Would Spock Do? – The White Queen – 4.5K

Fandom is a way of life and, let’s face it, if you’re not part of a particular fandom, the passion can seem a little odd from the outside. This seems to be particularly true with regards to fandoms relating to science fiction. Why are these obsessions viewed by society as strange when others, such as …

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Theatre – Land & Sea – Brink Productions – Queen’s Theatre – 4K

Those who can appreciate theatre as an experience rather than just an exercise in storytelling will reap the rewards on offer from this production. 4K

FRINGE – Gady Lala: Songs for the Sophisticated Faghag – 5K

Quite possibly the highlight of the 2012 Adelaide Fringe, Gady Lala: Songs for the Sophisticated Faghag is an unapologetic and absolutely raucous celebration of self-pride and confidence. 5K

FRINGE: Awake – Theatre – Queen’s Theatre – 3.5K

This was an enjoyable, emotionally engaging, quality piece of theatre, focusing on an interesting topic.
The scripts capture the journey that is inescapable when a member of your family is diagnosed with such an illness; the grief, the humour, the fatigue, and the helplessness. 3.5K