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THEATRE – The Good Son – Bakehouse – Til 25th April – 3.5K

The often fraught and anachronistic relationship that can develop between Greek mothers and their sons has become in recent years a source of good humour but in The Good Son we see how it can also all become quite destructive. 3.5K

THEATRE: Othello – State Theatre Company of South Australia – Dunstan Playhouse – 4K

The State Theatre Company of South Australia closes their 2014 season with an impressive production of William Shakespeare’s Othello. Director Nescha Jelk has created a modern world in which the conflict plays out; a military world, certainly, though this element of the story is not over-emphasised. The set (Victoria Lamb) is harsh and bleak, and …

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THEATRE – A Comedy of Errors – Dunstan Playhouse – 4.5K

The Comedy of Errors is seriously fine theatre. 4.5K

THE INTERVIEWS 2013 – By Kryztoff

Throughout the year, Kryztoff interviews various performers, artists and commentators. This blog page now brings them all together, with the most recent posted first. Enjoy.