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FRINGE: Theatre – Of Dysentery and Madness: A Trapper’s Tale – Tuxedo Cat – 4K

The Trapper (Luke Lennox) is lonely. Something has happened to the rest of his party, Vic (Wil Greenway) and Jemima (Kellie Tori), and the cold nights by himself in Antarctica are getting to him. In between bouts of unconsciousness, he is visited by a range of interesting friends, including Caryn the sardonic penguin (Kathryn Langshaw), …

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FRINGE: A Night to Dismember-Tuxedo Cat-4.5K

It’s immediately obvious when Wil Greenway enters the stage earnestly dancing to Bon Ivor’s Flume with an inflatable shark that A Night to Dismember is not going to be an ordinary theatre show.  However, I am not sure anyone was prepared for how weird Greenaway’s story of girlfriend-stealing sharks, space cheese, and talking asteroids was …

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