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FRINGE – Circus & Physical Theatre – The Otherworld – Empyrean – Gluttony – 3.5K

  By Alisha Dyer With a late timeslot in Gluttony’s Empyrean, The Otherworld is an interesting little nightcap. Sit through the witching hour with a circus performance that fringes on the dark side of the arts. Olio Circus came together just last year and have spent eight months preparing their debut show. The line-up includes …

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LUCY GRANSBURY – “DRAMA” – Friday 8th March 2019 7:15pm At THE BALCONY – Griffins Hotel – Hindmarsh Square Adelaide Review by Gary Clarke    5 stars Lucy Gransbury is a consummate performer. She commands a room and serves up a veritable feast of cabaret, stand up, song, witty repartee and “Fantales” lollies!! Lucy informs …

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FRINGE 2019: Lewis Garnham: You Can’t Always Get What You Want – 3.5K – Rhino Room

Lewis Garnham is certainly not a book you should judge by his cover. As a young woman attending his show on International Women’s Day, I found myself in a room that was about 80% filled with men. No, not men – lads; bros, if you will. I was very, very unsure of the type of …

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by Riccardo Barone The Maths Lawns slowly started to increase its number of attendees while between a couple of Proseccos and lovely people around the show is about to start. Severed Heads open the stage between amazement and surprise, experience and psychedelic atmosphere. People are still warming up, only a few of the courageous ones …

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FRINGE 2019 – “Rhapsody in Chicago Blues” with Pianist Tim Barton – 5K

by Riccardo Barone I’m still impressed by the rich, long and virtuoso piano program performed at the Flinders St. Baptist Church by the astonishing pianist Tim Barton. His sound is well balanced, a high class touch married to a philological interpretation revealed by the performance of the Fantasy in D minor by W. A. Mozart, …

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FRINGE THEATRE CABARET – Hero Girl: Raising a Revolutionary! – Tandanya – The Third Space, Adelaide – 4K

By Alisha Dyer Delia Olam brings an immediate warmth to the stage, and I’m not even referring to the torch she carries for revolutionary change – which is bright! With Hero Girl, she has opened up a conversation about gender equality and the roles of females throughout history and in today’s society. With the help …

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FRINGE 2019 – Rouge – Gluttony – 4.5K

By Julia Cudsi Circuses of the adult variety have been exceedingly popular in recent years of the Fringe, and generally for very good reason: amazing acrobatics, combined with burlesque, bawdy humour and a strong dose of titillation generally makes for an excellent night out. “Rouge” fits perfectly within this description. From the welcoming words of …

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Fringe 2019 – Rebel – Wonderland Spiegeltent at Gluttony – 4K

Bursting onto the stage in a profusion of sound and colour Rebel the show is a high energy performance from beginning to end and carries the smiling rocking audience along with it. The fabulous vocals of Stewart Reeve combined with the very talented musicians and a sideshow of circus deliver far more than a mere …

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FRINGE THEATRE – The Professor – The Bakehouse – 3K

As much as western culture may be under attack these days by friends of this type of professor, it is hardly defended adequatelty by The Professor. 3K

FRINGE DANCE, Art in Motion, Goodwood Institute Theatre, 3.5K

A mesmerising and wholehearted performance about art reflecting art. It touches on a rare truth: art is not static; art is in motion. Kryztoff Rating 3.5K