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THEATRE – Judas – Bakehouse – 4.5K

This is well crafted theatre delivered by three talented performers on top of their games; Marriott’s performance is particularly powerful. 4.5K


by Riccardo Barone Life’s cycle. But the memory remains. Or it could remain, maybe hidden between a daily ink-check of our favorite pen and a weekly visit of our first daughter. No, hang on, our second daughter.  But did she really come? In the scene every object establishes a strong bond with the past becoming …

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FRINGE 2018 – THEATRE – Apartment of the Feign – Bakehouse – 2.5K

This is a simple and not daring set up and the script takes us nowhere particularly new 2.5K

Fringe Review – Bucks (Or a bag of (D*cks) – 4K

Bucks is a raw and emotional show. It portrays the multiple faces of Australian masculinity through it’s many characters, on stage and off, and discusses many of the issues of Australian rural life. The show follows Kyle, a young man returning to his home town for his wedding after living in Melbourne for multiple years. …

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Altar Ego, The Bakehouse Theatre 4K

What truly governs a relationship? Is it honestly a series of decisions made equally by two people thinking rationally? Altar Ego is a play about seven characters, each who views marriage, love and monogamy differently. Can any portrayal be any less true or real than any other? The first half hour of the play fills …

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