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Adelaide Fringe 2020 – Adults Only Magic Show – 3.5K

by Riccardo Barone “We love our audience to be drunk! “ The Phoenix Room at the Masonic Lodge was almost full. The audience, involved in the show pretty much for all the time, loved the humor, the tricks and the jokes of the duo. Sam & Justin remind a little bit of what traditionally happens …

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Fringe 2020 – Adam Page SOLO – The Wheatsheaf Hotel – 5K

I had never heard of Adam Page until a superfan showed me his YouTube videos, conveniently just before Fringe time so that I could capitalise on my newfound fandom by attending not one, but two of his shows. Sadly, at the beginning of his SOLO show Adam made the fairly devastating announcement that he had …

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Fringe 2020 : The Wild Side : RCC The Attic : 4K

The Attic at RCC becomes part of the 1970s New York City underground scene thanks to a cool (and only slightly mellowed) Lou Reed and his hard rocking punk band who take us on a wild and sexy ride through the songs of Reed’s iconic solo album Transformer. Multi-talented British comedian, actor and drag queen …

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FRINGE COMEDY: Impromptunes – The Completely Improvised Musical – Parasol Lounge at Gluttony – 3K

By Ben Watson The Impromptunes cast, along with their very capable pianist, create an entirely improvised musical each night (as the title explains). The performers introduce the improvisational concept before an audience suggestion is randomly chosen and the premier/finale show is commenced. As no two shows are the same, excitement of the unknown lures crowds …

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Fringe Music 2020 – Soweto Gospel Choir – Cornucopia at Gluttony – 4K

Hailing from South Africa, this delightful choir brings all the joy, colour, vibrancy and enthusiasm of a culture celebrating the struggle which ultimately ended the Apartheid regime. Combining melodic and rhythmic traditional South African music with English standards, such as a glorious rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’, this stunning performance played to a – disappointingly small …

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Fringe Circus 2020 – Rouge – Magic Mirrors Spiegeltent – 5K

In the interests of full disclosure, I have seen ‘Rouge’ before, and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to see this sexy, scintillating and sensual adult circus again. Each element of this show is flawless, from the music (including the Diva’s spectacular singing) to the acrobatics and the audience interaction  through witty and hilarious …

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Fringe 2020 – Electric Dreams: VR Cinema – Cosmic – Masonic Lodge – 4K

Virtual reality is still a relatively new medium, and certainly it is a very new art form to be shared in a performing space such as the Adelaide Fringe. Attending ‘Electric Dreams – Cosmic’ is a surreal experience in every sense of the word. Ushered into a small room with multiple swivelling chairs, the small …

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FRINGE EVENTS – Adelaide Fringe History Walk – From Government House – Flamboyance Tours – 4.5K

Understanding a bit of its history will prove valuable and Katina’s terrific tour of memories and movements is an ideal way of getting that. In its 60th year, and in all likelihood with its peak behind us, this is a time to learn and reflect. 4.5K

Fringe 2020 – Lustre at Nineteen Ten – 3K

Burlesque shows always draw a large Fringe crowd, and ‘Lustre’ was no exception. Who wouldn’t want to have tickets to an evening of titillating entertainment, audience interaction and flowing libations? Presented by The Burlesque Beauties, this one hour event makes the most of the glorious rooftop venue at Nineteen Ten on Hindley Street. Overall, the …

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Fringe 2020 – Physical Theatre and Comedy – Le Petit Circus – Ukiyo at Gluttony – 3.5K

Physical theatre and comedy never fails to delight my young children, and Highwire Entertainment’s latest offering of ‘Le Petit Circus’ was no exception. Ensconced in the intimate surroundings of the Ukiyo tent, the cleverly designed performance centred around the theme of a manic French restaurant, complete with crazy spinning plates, a Manuel-esque waiter who was …

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