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Fringe 2018: Tessa Waters – Volcano, GOUD – 4K

By Amy. In her latest show Volcano, at about forty minutes in, Tessa Waters promises a damn good story – and on that she delivers. What she also manages to deliver on is an hour filled with improv, physical comedy, and making sure that the audience is having a great time. Waters spends the hour trying to …

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FRINGE 2018 – CIRCUS – The Displaced – Tandanya – 4K

By Julia Cudsi In the interests of full disclosure, I was extremely confused at the beginning of this show – I had intended, and prepared to attend, an improv show and was mightily confused when (what I had assumed to be a brief warm-up act of gymnastics) went on for more than 15 minutes. This …

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THEATRE – Vale – State Theatre Company – Playhouse – 4K

The pace and the elements of the story are nicely sorted and the conclusion pulsating and shocking, made very good by a cast and crew who are all on their game. Mark Saturno is excellent as the self-made, not terribly bright control freak. 4K

Oz Asia Festival 2017 – Apprentice – Mercury Cinema – 4K

By Tom Eckert Apprentice, is film set in Singapore which remains one of the few developed nations that retains capital punishment and the death penalty. The story follows a young man working as a prison guard as he moves between home and work embodying a claustrophobic existence not far removed from the men he guards. …

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An evocative, haunting multimedia performance incorporating spoken word, visual imagery and music, “Fairweather” is based on the life and work of the enigmatic artist Ian Fairweather. Composer Erik Griswold, artist Glen Henderson, and poet/narrator Rodney Hall have come together to present his story in a way that reflects Fairweather’s paintings : their multi-layered nature, rhythm …

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James Morrison’s Academy Jazz Orchestra – Her Majesty’s Theatre – 4K

by Tom Eckert Anywhere else people might be skeptical that one of the best musical schools in the country might be found in a isolated rural centre. Not so in South Australia where the James Morrison Academy, which has been founded on the international eminence of its instructors including the eponymous James Morrison, takes in …

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FRINGE 2017 – Trainspotting Live – 4K

I’ve always had a mixed relationship with Trainspotting. Having seen the movie several times, I often waver between thinking that the film is either: a) a cult classic and searingly honest view into the life of addiction, and b) seeing it simply as a bunch of selfish people destroying their lives and the lives of …

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FRINGE 2017 – We Live By The Sea – 5K

If you’re looking for a unique, moving, and uplifting Fringe experience, then We Live By The Sea is the show for you. Katy, a fifteen-year-old girl who is on the autism spectrum, is cared for by her elder sister, Hannah. Her only friend is Paul Williams, her imaginary dog, the only thing that manages to …

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FRINGE 2017 – Wicked Wizards from the East – 3.5K

All of the Wicked Wizards from the East are bucking against stereotypes: all of the magicians claim that despite being expected to become doctors, accountant, and lawyers, they decided to become performers, much to their parents’ chagrin. The magicians stick to this theme throughout their performance, which includes a lot of genuinely mind-boggling slight-of-hand magic …

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A non-narrative experimental theatre event using film, performance, dance, live and recorded music, and creative set design.  Scenes were written by various groups of students using the theme of voyeurism as a cohesive link between the pieces. The audience were put in the position of being the watched as well as being the watchers, sometimes …

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