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by Riccardo Barone  Adelaidians retrogamers, you can’t miss that! Be ready to be immersed in your childhood with Mario Bros & friends’ themes, soundtracks of our rainy days spent on our favourite console. Maybe you can even hear mummy yelling “Too much of these games!! Go do your homework!!”. How can the functionality and the …

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FRINGE 2017: COMEDY – Aunty Donna: Big Boys – Arts Theatre – 5K

Aunty Donna is back at the Adelaide Fringe with their unique brand of stupidly clever, high energy sketch comedy.  With sold-out shows, Mark, Broden and Zach have probably outgrown the cramped-but-comfortable Arts Theatre on Angus Street. Their growing popularity is no surprise: The boys are talented professionals, and with the help of music-man Tom Armstrong, …

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FRINGE 2017: THEATRE – Late: A Cowboy Song – Tuxedo cat – 4K

It’s likely that a pretty low percentage of people are still in a relationship with their childhood sweetheart fifteen, or twenty, years later. Mary and Crick are in that minority. They’ve been together since they were eight; an arrangement that seems to have been maintained by his utter bliss with his role as the stay-at-home …

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Appearing in the very small Cranny, where someone had accidentally turned off the aircon, in front of a sweaty audience who had seated themselves so as to be in the direct path of the airflow from the fan was Fabien Clark, heroically appearing at this years fringe despite the fact that he now shares his …

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FRINGE 2017: Barbu Electro Trad Cabaret – The Peacock – Gluttony – 4K


By Tom Eckert Barbu, hailing from Montreal brings a novel twist on the typically ‘1920s chic’ acrobatics heavy cabaret we see at the Fringe. Barbu mashes together elements of electro trad music with a distinct folky twist, carnival and unabashed machismo all with a slice of camp humour. Focusing very much on feats of strength …

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Limbo Unhinged – The Garden – 4K

The Limbo gang are back with a more incredible show than ever. Combining physical theatre, circus stunts, comedy and acrobatics, Limbo Unhinged is a fantastic show. From the very first act the performers had the audience roused. The show begins with physical theatre; a man who winds and bends himself like a corkscrew. This is …

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Mother’s Ruin – A Cabaret About Gin – The Garden – 4K

If you’re looking for a night of beautiful voices, comedy gold and gin Mother’s Ruin is the show for you. A dazzling performance by two rising stars in the Adelaide Cabaret scene.   Prepare to laugh and learn as your two hosts (and pianist) take you through the history and urban myths that surround gin. …

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FRINGE 2017: THEATRE – A Regular Little Houdini – Bakehouse Theatre – 4.5K

One of the quintessential Adelaide Fringe theatre experiences has got to be an engaging story, told by an engaging solo writer-performer, on an almost bare black stage. It’s a genre that allows the performer’s craft to shine through; their words to create the settings, and their portrayal to form multiple believable characters through small nuances …

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FRINGE 2017: THEATRE – The Baby Farmer – Bakehouse Theatre – 5K

For the poor and downtrodden lowest classes of Victorian London, life was appallingly bleak, and often short. Yet, over a century later, it’s possible to find a peculiar, fanciful, beauty connected to the horror that was the daily life of these people; which lends itself so well to tales of the macabre. It is within …

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by Riccardo Barone  As the astronomy room has been entered it is evident that something unique is going to happen. The comfortable seats are reclinable, because the entire performance requires the spectator to watch the rounded ceiling and specifically the projection of moving picture on it. After a delicious introduction on constellations’ structure and position …

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