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FRINGE Knock Off – The Birdcage Arcade Lane, Adelaide – 4K

Knock Off is a combination of contemporary physical circus, comedy and music as three very Aussie guys walk onto a building site with the mission to educate the audience on how to construct a contemporary circus show. Think circus meets renovation rescue but what can go wrong goes wrong. Performed in a very entertaining manner, …

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FRINGE Syntony Live Inductive Resonance – RiAus (The Science Exhange) – 3K

Described as fractals resonance between art, nature and the mind-body with ambisonic 3-D sound composition for immersive environments is performed by Darren Curtis & Bradley Pitt from Sacred Resonance. They explain that within this unique musical experience which combines research and philosophy that demonstrates how we have a higher design, a template that can tap …

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Neon Bogart – Higher Ground East – Art Base – 1K

Neon Bogart is a great concept about future noir sounds to transport the audience into an underworld of Jazz-cabaret. Hitherto the delivery lets this 2 person band somewhat down. Sure some of the pieces hit the spot and now and then the sound created is harmonious. But a lot of the sounds let this trying …

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Mindfulmess – Higher Ground East – Art Base – 3K

Mindfulmess is by but also about Rich Batsford’s journey through life in the search of mindfulness and as Rich says ‘inspired by tales of love, loss, friendship, freedom and the search for a meaningful, authentic  life in the modern world” with all but one piece composed by Rich. From the UK, Rich, who has been …

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OzAsia – Martial Arts Trilogy Tan Dun – The Festival Theatre – 5K

This years Adelaide OzAsia Festival includes a very special treat, the exclusive Australian Premiere of Tan Dun’s Martial Arts Trilogy which comprises three concerti: the cello concerto Coughing Tiger, Hidden Dragon, the violin concerto Hero, and the piano concerto The Banquet all conducted full of energy by the very animated composer Tan Dun, who said …

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OzAsia – Fire & Water – Space Theatre – 4K

Fire & Water, two solo recitals by Xiaoxia Zhao on Guqin and Li-Wie on Cello. Both performers featured in Tan Dun’s “Martial Arts Trilogy”. Xiaoxia Zhao, who began her Guqin studies at the age of nine and studied with the prestigious Guqin player Professor Li Xiangting and graduated with a Master’s Degree with Honors in …

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OzAsia – Kodo & TaikOz – Her Majesty’s Theatre

OzAsia being an Australian festival celebrating Asian culture so what better way of doing that than by a collaboration of Australian and Asian performers. So fittingly then that Kodo, the oldest taiko (drum in Japanese) group in the world, and who never have worked with another taiko group since their debut at the ’81 Berlin …

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The Amazing Spider-man 3D – 4K

The Amazing Spider-man brings us a different Peter Parker played by Andrew Garfield, a different love interest, Gwen Stacy as Emma Stone, 10 years after Sony last brought the super hero back to life in the form of Tobey Maguire. The story, well who doesn’t know the story, Peter Parker who grows up with his …

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Riverdance – Festival Theatre until May 20 – 5K

Definitely a must see for the whole family, Riverdance is full of energy and Irish happiness. Beware some new young dancers may be discovered during the interval of this 2 hour performance. 5K

I Am Google – Austral – 4K

Guests are welcomed with cookies so that their browsers will work, a good indication on how geeky this show is going to be. I am Google, performed by Craig Ricci Shaynak, who has quite an amazing bio of his own (see his website below), takes us into the world of Google, search engines and social …

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