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Fringe 2011

FRINGE: A Night to Dismember-Tuxedo Cat-4.5K

It’s immediately obvious when Wil Greenway enters the stage earnestly dancing to Bon Ivor’s Flume with an inflatable shark that A Night to Dismember is not going to be an ordinary theatre show.  However, I am not sure anyone was prepared for how weird Greenaway’s story of girlfriend-stealing sharks, space cheese, and talking asteroids was …

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Mike Wilmot-Hunting Lodge-4k

Thursday night at 7.30 is probably not the most sought-after spot amongst stand-up comedians in the Garden however Mike Wilmot turned this potential handicap to his advantage last night.  Despite the crowd’s seeming unwillingness to have any fun whatsoever the Canadian Comedy Legend teased out more than a handful of big laughs with his middle-aged …

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FRINGE: Akmal – Royalty Theatre – 5K

Comedians are like wine, some never become enjoyable, no matter how long they have been aged, some have a very clear use by date after which they go down the drain and then there are those which age so well, better and better year by year. One of these well aging comedians is Akmal, even …

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FRINGE: Spitfire Solo – Higher Ground – 4K

Spitfire Solo is presented by Guy Materson’s Centre for International Theatre is presenting at Higher Ground until the 18th March. Written and performed by the very talented Nicholas Collett, Spitfire Solo takes us on a journey through the life of Peter Walker, from his early child hood’s unforgettable first flight in Dad’s friend’s Tigermoth, his …

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FRINGE – Tom Binns as Ian D. Montfort – The Garden – 4K

Tom Binns as Ian D. Montfort – Garden of Unearthly Delights Tom Binns show Ian D. Montfort  Spirit Comedium has received many soaring reviews and awards internationally and brings it back to the Adelaide Fringe again this year for us to enjoy until 17th March, nightly at 8:15pm. Tom describes his show of a hybrid …

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FRINGE – Tommy Little – A Fistful of Apologies – The Garden – Spare Room – 3K

He’s good looking, happy, confident and he makes you laugh. Have a few drinks before the show and you would leave a very happy vegemite (but not in the Kevin Rudd style.) 3K

FRINGE – Tom Thum – Garden – 4K

Artistry out of addiction with a useful light show to set it all off. Go see it. 4K

FRINGE – Heath Franklin v Chopper – The Garden – Umbrella – 2K

One thing is you should be prepared, if you’re not into watching a sexually frustrated man talk about his crutch for an hour, making guns and fowl language, this show isn’t for you. 2K

FRINGE: The World’s Biggest Pub Crawl- Part of the Adelaide Fringe, Sponsored by Coopers

The World’s Biggest Pub Crawl is designed for groups to take advantage of some great drink specials during the Fringe, thanks to local pubs and Coopers. Anyone can participate, whether it is a corporate, sporting, social or a university group. Unlike normal pub-crawls, participants are able to choose the time, date, venues and duration. With …

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FRINGE – La Chevre Noir – La Boheme – 4K

Sophisticated, adult cabaret; a lovely way to round out a night doing Fringe shows; a sliver of Paris – enjoy it as you will but La Chevre Noir is a delight. 4K